Sunday, October 1, 2023
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CPHL RULES                                                             

1.      Safety First - As Safety is the #1 priority within ConocoPhillips, it is also our #1 priority in the CPHL. This is a fun league and everyone has to return to work after the game.  So please exercise caution and play with respect and great sportsmanship.

2.      No Referees - We will self-Ref and the Captains have the final say on any infractions or discrepancies.  If the goaltender has the puck or if it is even close, assume it is frozen.  (No digging for the puck at all)

3.      No contact - This is a non-contact league

4.      No slap shots.

5.      No Red line. Two-line passes are permissible.

6.      Icing - Icing will not be called but if a team does ice the puck, they must wait for the other team to gain possession and then clear the opposing teams zone (similar to an offside) prior to chasing the puck.

7.      Offsides - Offsides will be called on the honor system or by those on either bench that have a good view of the blue line.  If offside occurs, the player must dump the puck into the opposing end and clear the zone.

8.      Start time - Games start no later than 12:10 p.m. regardless if the goalie is ready or not.  If a goalie is not on the ice at 12:10 then the team will ice 6 skaters until the goalie is ready.  If a team has no goalie they will be charged with an automatic 5-0 loss.

9.      Ending of games - Games will end at 1:00 p.m. regardless of the score.  For playoffs, if a game is within 1 goal, games will end 5 minutes early to leave time for a 3 man shootout if necessary.

10.   After a goal - The team that is scored upon must shoot the puck down the ice (Ice the puck) to acknowledge a goal has been scored.  Captains will sort out any goal discrepancies; again, they have the final decision.

11.   Full equipment required.  Visors or face shield and mouth guards are recommended.  Again you are playing at your own risk.

12.   No new players are to be added to a team's roster after the draft.  If additional players are required consult the CPHL governing body.

13.   No Fighting - Do we have to mention this?  Think of the hockey rink as an extension of the office.

14.   If you have any issues on the ice please talk to your Captain.

15.   Absolutely No Alcohol in Dressing Rooms or arena parking lots.

16.   Female players will have their own dressing rooms.

17.   Injuries must be reported to your Captain immediately who will then inform CPHL governing body.

18.   Penalties

·         Any obvious Infractions/Penalties will be called on the ice and the penalized player's team will have to give up the puck to the other team.

·         If a penalty occurs on a clear breakaway, a penalty shot is awarded unless the team scores before the infracting team touches the puck.

·         Depending on the severity of the infraction, or continuous questionable play, players may be subject to CPHL governing body review of the incident and in extreme cases, suspensions and or expulsions maybe handed out.

·         Obvious Infractions/Penalties include:

I.            Boarding

II.          Charging

III.        Cross Checking

IV.       Elbowing

V.         Interference

VI.       Goaltender Interference

VII.      High Sticking

VIII.    Holding

IX.        Holding the Stick

X.          Hooking

XI.        Boarding

XII.      Slashing

XIII.    Spearing

XIV.    Throwing stick (Automatic Penalty Shot)

XV.     Too Many men on the ice

XVI.    Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Players and goalkeepers are responsible for their conduct at all times and must endeavor to prevent disorderly conduct before, during or after the game, on or off the ice and any place in the rink. Please remember, while on the ice and in the general arena area and parking lot, we are representing ConocoPhillips employees, vendors and contactors and should do so in a responsible and professional manner while at the rinks.                                                          

Have fun out there, meet your co-workers/teammates, network, sweat a lot, and remember to play safe, It is just a game.

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